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viddy app 199x300 What Is Viddy Video Application?  Instagram For Video?

What Is Viddy?

Viddy is a video sharing application with editing tools including visual effects, filters, music, and transitions. Viddy’s realtime video community opens the door for new video discoveries.  The Viddy app allows you to capture, share, and watch videos up to 15 seconds long.  Although this may turn some away from Viddy towards longer format video applications, such as YouTube or Vimeo, the 15 second limit creates a steady stream of entertaining video snippets.

If you are familiar with photo sharing apps like Instagram, then navigating Viddy will be a sinch.  Sign up on your iPhone (Android and iPad coming soon) to connect with friends using Facebook, Twitter, or tap the button on the top right of the home screen to follow suggested users.

To share a video on Viddy, tap the middle lens button on the bottom of your screen and shoot a new video using the Viddy camera, or choose a video from your video library.  The Viddy custom camera includes advanced video camera options far more intricate than your device’s normal camera.  With Viddy’s custom camera you can control focus, exposure, white balance, aspect ratio, volume with audio meter, start time with timer, and alignment with grid.


what is viddy 199x300 What Is Viddy Video Application?  Instagram For Video?

How To Use Viddy Advanced Camera Options

  • Focus Lock – locks the current focus in place even if you move the camera
  • Exposure Lock – locks the current exposure in place even if you move the camera
  • White Balance Lock – locks the current white balance in place even if you move the camera
  • Audio Meter – shows current volume levels as you record your video
  • Timer – counts down from 3 until video starts recording
  • Grid – adds a grid to the screen so you can line up and ensure a straight shot
  • Aspect Ratio – choose between 16:9 (720p HD) or 4:3 (480p) aspect ratios
Once you have captured your video to share on Viddy, you can choose from several different video effects to “beautify” your video.  Viddy effects include vintage, BW (black and white), and crystal.  You can add more video and audio effect, or “packs,” by downloading individual packs in the Viddy marketplace.  Several of the Viddy packs in the marketplace are free, including solarize, exposed, retro, hued, glam, 3d, red and more.  Other video effects are available for purchase, such as T-Pain.  A few artists have branded Viddy effect packs as well including Snoop, Incubus and Linkin Park.
Once you have chosen your Viddy effect, the two bars on the bottom allow you to manage the intensity of your effect and audio background music.  Viddy only provides one option for background music, and unfortunately you can not import music from your iTunes.  Preview your video while applying effects and editing intensity and audio, but it takes a few seconds for the Viddy to encode the changes.viddy video 199x300 What Is Viddy Video Application?  Instagram For Video?
Viddy allows you to trim your video and indicate specific start and end times.  Tap the middle share button, choose video library, and your video will appear with a trimming bar on top similar to that in iMovie.  You probably won’t need to use this feature if you are using Viddy’s custom camera since it stops recording after 15 seconds.
Use the other buttons on the bottom of Viddy to explore the video community.  Search popular, trending and newest videos in “What’s Hot.”  Scroll through featured videos, videos you follow, and videos you have liked in the far left Viddy interface.  View what your friends have liked or recently posted to Viddy in “Activity,” and view your own profile and shared videos in the far right button.


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