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Yes ~ I Accept The SITS Challenge For Blogtober!

Yes, I am in! I love these challenges. Please keep your eye on my Twitter ~, Pinterest ~ and Instagram ~ accounts for some Blogtober challenges this week. Are you following me? If not please do and leave your link(s) below so I may follow you. Make it a GREAT one.

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You Are Invited To The Kendrick Law Practice Open House!

The KLP Open House starts tomorrow! Dar’shun N. Kendrick, Esq. is ready to present all her practice has to offer. She stands out from most attorney because niche is “Keeping Georgia small businesses IN business and OUT of Court” and simply stated that is working well for her. A few weeks ago I had the …

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My Blogalicious Goals For 2013!

Blogalicious here I come! I am SO excited to be attending MY very first Blogalicious. Yay, me. When I first heard of Blogalicious in 2011 via Twitter I added it on to my bucket list. Yes, I said bucket list!!!! I was not blogging at the time however I wanted to attend as brand. Little …


Yes, Once Again I Agree With C.K. & His Genius Insight

Louis CK is a Mexican-American Emmy and Grammy Award winning stand-up comedian, television and film writer, producer, director, and actor. Well, on the Conan O’Brien show about five years ago he voiced his opinion on “every things is amazing and nobody’s happy” which went viral. I have watched this clip a dozen times. There is …

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The Cosby Show Turned 29 Today!

Happy 29th Birthday To The Cosby Show! When it premiered in 1984, THE COSBY SHOW broke down racial barriers in TV by portraying an African-American family comfortably assimilated in upper-middle-class white America. Now showing in syndication (and on DVD), it continues to educate and entertain its audience. This show right here helped put Black America …

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We Present More Webinars By Keystrokes By Kimberly & JonAshton PR!

Register Here ~ My blogging journey of storytelling has been extremely rewarding both personally and professionally. As a result it makes me want to give back to each of you in some kind of way. Hopefully, you will find a webinar which interest you. Since I value you dearly as one of my readers …

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but God Series :: Make Them Stop Bullying My Sister…PLEASE

This story just tore me up inside. I had planned to run another but God story today however this one bumped that one immediately after I read it. Yesterday CCN shared a story titled Boy asks Santa to make kids stop bullying his sister written by Jareen Imam. Here is the link so you can …