My Journey With Republic Wireless
My Journey With Republic Wireless
I took a journey with Republic Wireless and honestly I have been putting off this review for a month of Sundays because I dread giving anyone, thing or company a bad review. Yes, I said a month off Sundays. Well to say the least I still cannot give them a good review.

Let me share. I tried Republic Wireless after viewing the review on Clark Howard’s site. ( I LOVE Clark Howard and truly value his opinion and guidance. I visit him and Suze Orman’s sites regularly. Very regular. So I gave Republic a try. Mistake 1 through 1,000. Republic has been the wrong choice for my family since day one. Here are the top six reasons why.

1) Beta Testing Program

2) Blaming everything on Sprint network

3) No live communication. Everything is done via email and their website.

4) Outdated phones at new phone prices.

5) Poor customer service.

6) Quality of phone service

“Beta Testing” is clearly used as an excuse to take money, not give customer service or fix problems. Basically, I feel taken advantage of in more ways than one. There were problems and challenges from day one.

When I purchased the phones I expected to be able to communicate with them. That was often not the case and when you ask for a credit their customer service agents acting you are asking for an act of Congress. Seriously… One of our phones never worked and had to be sent back. All of our phones often echoed and hung up on people when switching from the internet usage to the Sprint network. The phones kept freezing and the list goes on. The straw which broke the camel’s back is when one of the phones was lost and the only option was to purchase a “new” phone for $249. When I decided not to do that we had the number ported. It took seven whole days to port the number. So yes for seven days we could not use that phone at all then the text capabilities took an additional three days. You get a lot of hot air, excuse and other things from Republic but no results. At one point I had to tell them I used to work for Verizon Wireless and GTE Wireless so please stop insulting my intelligence.

After checking their reviews via Google on multiple websites I am not sure why they have not been shut down. I should have reported them to the attorney general and still might do so after porting my final number. I still have emails sitting in queue for resolution from months ago. Well, Verizon, AT & T, AIO, Sprint, Metro PCS and Cricket I am a FREE agent again and looking to become someone’s Brand Advocate. Contact me. 🙂

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  1. I don’t agree with your assessment of Republic Wireless. All of your issues with the company are issues that I was aware of and were clearly documented online before I signed up for the service. The company doesn’t hide anything and it has saved me lots of money. When you buy an unsubsidized phone and lose it, that’s life. Republic clearly advertises their online customer service forum. It’s a different experience, sure, but it’s over 80% cheaper per month than my old Verizon plan, and the coverage has been great. What’s not to love?

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