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Well, today was my last day with the Ladies Who Launch Incubator Intensive Workshop and let’s just say YES it was a much appreciated journey. The workshop came as a much needed tune up to my professional and personal life. This workshop brings out “the emotional nudity” in you for sure. What is emotional nudity? Emotional nudity is a term I learned from Jai Stone, a powerhouse within herself {http://blackloveforum.com/meet-jai-stone/}, who is an awesome blogger I just adore.

This four week intensive workshop was filled with learning, laughter, tears, ideas, advice and encouragement. I even taught myself how to ride MARTA again. And that is funny considering I have not ridden MARTA in over 20 years and my physical challenges, as the result of a stroke, made it even more interesting. Trust me it only happened once and will not be happening again. Lol. THANK YOU Nayada.

I remember the pink flyer I saw six weeks ago. Then I went to the website and started my BIG debate on whether or not to sign up or fall back. I literally signed up at the midnight hour. Now I am planner so this was usual for me. All types of questions were burning inside me and to be honest they were all excuses and me simply being my biggest obstacle. Well, the class was to start the day after the sixth anniversary of my first stroke which created a snowball effect in my life. When I embraced this as a sign I had to take the class as a moving on adventure to EVERYTHING that has happened in my life from Sunday, March 11th, 2007. To make the pot sweeter I was awarded a partial scholarship on Monday, March 11th, 2013 to the workshop. That was the deal maker for me. So stoked and off to the class I went.

We started out with six ladies who all had different dreams, resources and goals yet we were all bonded by the fact we wanted to be successful entrepreneurs and not just entrepreneurs who were maintaining. We had all gone out on our own yet that was not enough! Time to take it up a notch or two or even top notch for our dreams. The dynamics of our group were awesome. AWESOME I say! Some of us were married. Some of us were single. Some of us mothers. Some of us were not. We had every type of experience in our presence from Attorney to Film Producer to Author to Marketing Executive to PR Professional to Event Planner to Blogger to Professional Baker to Para Pro to Non Profit Guru to Magazine Editor to Certified Parent Trainer! The rainbow of experience was amazing, greatly recognized and appreciated. We worked hard during those two hours weekly to consciously develop everyone into their dreams. We lost one or two along the way due to choices, flu and life however even in their absence we continue to fine tune their dream and goals AND everyone was present for the last session! And the last one to join motherhood even announced she was preggo! We will have a Christmas baby. The workshop was SO rewarding beyond measure.

So what did I get out of the workshop? Well, here it goes…
• A clutter free work area through our Detox Your Space exercise. (Would share before & after however not even going to go there because I am too embarrassed. Lol)
• A GREAT foundation to build upon. (The materials provide were good.)
• A revised and envisioned elevator pitch. (I really needed this. I do it for others however mine had not been done since 2005!)
• An amazing scrapbook queen to complete my many scrapbooks from my Creative Memories days. Love you
• Another priceless experience!
• Awesome Trio! (We have connected beyond the workshop and have some interesting planned.)
• Emotional nudity through our 5 + 1 exercise.
• I learned how to ride MARTA again, if only for one ride!
• Some great connections! Love you ladies…

THANK YOU ladies! My mission was accomplished!


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