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Look Who Is The First Hot Mom Of The Spa Squad!

Talk about tickled pink!!!! I am so honored. I am the first ever Hot Mom of the month for the Spa Squad!!! I am so grateful and yes I LOVE a good spa treatment. Please click on the image to read the story. Spa Week is still searching for more Hot Moms to help create …

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Fun Wine Facts With Breathless Moments With Wine Shop At Home!

1. A non-vintage wine is a blend of wines from two or more years. 2. A vintage wine is a product of a single year’s harvest. 3. California is the fourth-largest wine producer in the world, after France, Italy, and Spain respect. 4. Did you know California, New York, and Florida lead the United States …

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Great Tune Up With Ladies Who Launch Incubator Intensive Workshop!

Well, today was my last day with the Ladies Who Launch Incubator Intensive Workshop and let’s just say YES it was a much appreciated journey. The workshop came as a much needed tune up to my professional and personal life. This workshop brings out “the emotional nudity” in you for sure. What is emotional nudity? …