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All too often people become acquainted with attorneys after they need them. It has been my experience that this is the worst time to meet them because emotions are high and you are not truly allowing yourself to make the best decisions because you are in an emergency or in a jam. We all know how that can be. So I suggest getting to know your what if or just being prepared attorneys ahead of time. It is extremely possible you will need one or more of the following type of attorneys in your lifetime – Estate , Personal Injury, Family, Civil, Employment or even Criminal. If not for yourself then for a family member, loved one or a friend. Trust me it is inevitable at some point or another.

While law varies from state to state and in some states even county to county the basic types of law are pretty much the same. Here is a brief description of each:

Estate Law – Is best described as a system which handles the net worth of a person deceased or alive.  
Personal Injury Law – Is best described as a system which provides legal services to those who claim to have been injured, physically or psychologically by the negligence.

Family Law – (also known matrimonial law in some states) is best described as a system which deals with family and domestic relations. Ex: Marriage, civil unions, domestic partnerships, adoption, surrogacy etc…

Civil Law – Is best described as a system of law concerned with the private relations between members of a community or state excluding criminal, military, and religious affairs.  

Criminal Law – Is best described as a system of law concerned with the punishment of those who allegedly commit crimes. Those crimes can be violent or nonviolent.

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