Yes, this is the year I stop to smell the roses again and I could not be happier. 2013 was good to me however I was tying up some interesting loose ends from the past few years and now I am ready to enjoy 2014 like no other year prior. So again I say … Welcome 2014!

~ Stopping To Smell The Roses In 2014 ~
~ Stopping To Smell The Roses In 2014 ~

I have some many wonderful developments in the making which I am so stoked about. Some I have been working on for years and they are coming to full bloom. It is a BEAUTIFUL thing when you get back on track, get to see the fruits of your labor go to you and get to enjoy every minute of the journey. There is SO much I want to share however I am believer in not posting it all on the web. To me that is bragging and I will opt out of bragging, endless Selfies and sharing anything and everything. I am sure we had more than enough of over sharing from Facebook over the holidays. People were posting there as if it were Twitter or Instagram. (Smile) Yet I digress. Instead connect the dots if you care to do so, learn with me, experience with me and let’s enjoy this together.

Again, this is the year I stop to smell the roses again and just quietly do me. I am so stoked, excited and the happiest I have been in years.


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  1. It’s always a good idea to take some time to reflect on all of the good thing sin your life. I feel that too many people neglect to do this and only focus on what has not gone their way. Looking forward to connecting with you during the Biannual Blogathon Bash this month. 🙂

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