Hanging out over Mom’s the other day brought on this post ~ Great Night For A Family Game Night. We could play board games for days in our family. We were blessed to live in a five mile radius of a few cousins and when got started playing games they could literally go on for days. We have actually been known to leave a Monopoly, Life or Barney Miller game set up for days until we completed it.  So my invitation to you is to gather family and/or friends for some good old fashion family fun via a game night. The memories will last a lifetime and the experience is priceless!

Here are some helpful tips:

~ Make sure you cover all options as far as age appropriate games. Ex: Candyland, Clue, Taboo etc…

~ Make sure you explain the rules clearly at the beginning. Do not assume YOUR rules are the same as everyone else’s. It might even be beneficial to go by the games rules. Lol…

~ Have fun with it. Come up with prizes for the winner(s). Nothing fancy. Just go with something like they get to choose the next game or game night. Yes, go none monetary and old school with the prizes.

~ Snack it up! Make a trail mix or our snacks from back in the day!

~ Have FUN, Fun, fun!


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