Since 2014 I have been choosing one word to primarily focus on for that year. Some years have been great for doing this and some years have a challenge. My really good sister-friend Michelle Garrett of Divas With A Purpose started me on this one-word journey and I must say she does really well with this. Her consistency is amazing. Please visit her two websites at www.DivasWithAPurpose and to see more of the really good things she is doing.

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So as I select my word for 2018 I am realizing this is my first year and I want to go big with my selection this year. I have so much plan for myself professionally and personally. I laid it all out in August. August starts my New Year. For personal beliefs I do not do the whole new year resolution. Too much hype and pressure. I see my birthdate in August as my actual New Year and time to evaluate the past year of like and make goals for my next year of life with the exception of this one word challenge. So for year five of the one word challenge I am going big with a little twist. This year I am choosing a word for the year, then a word for each quarter and finally a word for the month. Yes, it is a big challenge however a challenge worth raising the bar for. I have to go big. I have the vision. I need to be accountable like you would not believe. This is a huge year for me! I have to be so focused, intentional, multi-passionate, and determined in all my actions so my days will still be extremely good even when they are not as good as I had plan.

So below are my words of years past which honestly I will use again for 2018 in one aspect or another.

Focused – I will be focused in every aspect of my professional and personal life. The distractions of the past which I allowed I will no longer be allowed. Yes, no longer allowed even if that means being completely selfish for myself, walking away from challenging clients, walking away negative family members no matter who they are etc… It has become real simply as to who and what are the distractions and why I have to stay focused.

Intentional – I will intentionally given my energy to only things of purpose and that better me professionally and personally. Simply stated I will be #ReclaimingMyTime intentionally. Although I cannot get back the time wasted professionally or even personally I can and will be intentional about my time going forward.

Multi-Passionate – I will be muti-passionate about the things which matter most to me. I had so much fun in 2014 being multi-passionate about the thing that matter most to me and if you look at my website or Instagram during that time frame you can see my joy! I will achieve that level of joy and higher again.

Determined – I am determined to properly feed my goals, desires, and vision through each and every level. I get my determinationation and strong willed ways from my father and I embrace them. I am determined to close doors and open bigger and stronger doors to find my permanent zone of zen.

So this brings me to my 2018 one word challenge. My one word for 2018 is Synergy. I choose synergy because my year will be composed of an interaction and cooperation of a series of positive energies which will indeed produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. Ha! I love that. I may have to put that on a post-it-note like Mary Jane. My selections of one word choices for each quarter will Focused, Intentional, Growth, and Consistency. I need all those in my life to help my visions come to full fruition. As far as my selection of monthly words I am still working on them however I know Faithfulness, Gratitude, Visionary, Inspiration, Positivity, Innovative, Idealistic, and Creativity will definitely have their own month. I am ready to reach my full potential, shine and ride this beautiful thing called life all the way out for 2018 and beyond!

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