There are times when I could kick myself on this journey and times when I am breathless with my vision and accomplishments on this journey. It has truly been a process in more ways than one. Some things I will never share about the journey, both good and bad, however the things I do share are worth sharing because they maybe help someone else. Lol…

~ Kimberly Wright ~
~ Kimberly Wright ~

Eight months into this fourteen month journey and things have not been what I imagined at all. You see in my eyes and mind I was going to grow Kim’s Way. Period…point blank. I had a plan and was sticking to my plan no matter what because it was oh so carefully planned. It was calculated down to the month, weeks and days too. Lol… I am a BIG planner. It was the BEST plan for me to achieve my goals. It was MY vision on MY schedule. Well, not even three months in I had accomplished half my list despite several obstacles. Then I came to a HUGE stand still. Now I am an over achiever however not even I saw this coming. So now what? What do I do now I am way ahead of schedule? You see I am very resistant to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING which does not go according to plan. I felt lost and the need to “fix” whatever messed up Kim’s plan. What was I supposed to be doing? I could not go ahead for more reasons than one and I could not stand still for more reasons than one. Something needed fixing. This particular time there was nothing to “fix” however it was time to enjoy my accomplishments yet I did not know how too because it was not written in the plan until December. Lol… Seriously. So I had reached a stand still.

~ Change ~
~ Change ~

Well, let me tell you. I stood still for eighty three days until I could not take it anymore. I then called myself helping myself for twenty three days because surely I did not need to be still any longer. On the twenty four day my clarity point came and reaffirmed my creative purpose.



You are going to be amazed at my state of completion at the end of this fourteen month journey. I have mastered health changes and took on new lifestyles routines. I am REALLY into the holistic approach regarding life in general. I have a new diet much different than my summer diet which is usually extremely health however this time I have even taken that higher. My sleep pattern is awesome now! I am actually getting in five to six hours of sleep straight. Everything has successfully changed from my exercise routine to my skin care routine to my daily meditation and more. A lot more and all for the BEST me possible!!! I have definitely experienced a new form of discipline and spiritual awakening.

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