~ Ultimate Wedding Giveaway Contest ~
~ Ultimate Wedding Giveaway Contest ~

The winner was announced yesterday! I want to congratulate William “Josh” Edgeworth & Corene Hejl of South Carolina. Of course they have a BEAUTIFUL love story and it is a real fills your heart with joy for them to be the winners. They were nominated by their 10 year old daughter, Riley, who heard about the promotion on the radio. Riley rides an hour to school each morning with her dad and they listen to America’s morning show on the way. When Riley heard about the contest she did as any tech savvy tween would! She went online and completed an entry form to nominate her dad and Corene. #TeamEdgeworth&Co

Here is the official announcement:

Just a few minutes ago, America’s Morning show announced the winner of the$100,000 dream wedding giveaway at the Historic East Ivy Mansion. Congratulations to the winning couple, William (Josh) Edgeworth and Corene Hejl. They were nominated by Josh’s 10 year old daughter Riley. In a previous interview Riley said her family loves Lee Brice and that Corene told her that the song “Love Like Crazy” shows how spouces should love one another.

Here is the touching entry submitted by Riley:

“My name is Reilly I am ten and I dream of seeing my daddy marry the girl who has given me the best life and love of her heart. Since I was three she has taken care of miller and me. She makes sure that We get all the important stuff kids need. Like clothes and good food and help with my school stuff and love and kisses and gingerale when your sick. And some adventures She does good stuff for our whole family all the time.

She has two kids Noah and Conner and we all have been together for a long time. We call our family edgeworth and co bcuz her name is corene. I love her so much and I want to make sure to keep her always and I know she is gonna look so pretty and cry her happy cry to have a wedding because her and daddy are ao busy giving us a good life they don’t have enough to plan a wedding and we are the best people to have a party because whenever daddy and her hear lee Brice they turn it up.

The part about be your best friend and tell the truth mommy said they are the perfect words to kepp in love. I listen to your show everyday because we moved and daddy has to make a drive for an hour to take me to school so it’s good you have something going on or I would be bored and I will pray very hard that you like my words and give me and my family a dream come true happily ever after.”

Love Reilly edgeworth
xoxoxo xoxox

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