I think it is! LinkedIn is a social networking website for business professional and considered a major playing field for online networking.  I know people who have found new careers via LinkedIn and some solid new business. I have been on LinkedIn since 2009, like it and encourage others to join it as well no matter what your field, whether you are self-employed or work for someone. LinkedIn also allows you to share all the key points for a solid introduction on the Who, What, When, Where and How of your expertise and career. Simply stated it is the perfect snapshot of who you are as a professional.

Let’s take a look. Here is a profile I just adore. This is an excellent profile snapshot.

Candace Reese ~ www.linkedin.com/in/candacereese

My most beloved feature is the “Recommendations” section which you can receive from past clients and colleagues. Here are some of my recommendations.

My least favorite feature is the “Endorsements” section which just recently rolled out from LinkedIn. In my opinion and the opinion of the Water Cooler Crew this feature just may lead to the death of creditability for  LinkedIn. {I will share why I feel this way after more research in my Tuesday, January 22nd post titled : Is LinkedIn.Com Watering Down Their Creditability?}



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