Blogathon Bash ~ June 2013
Blogathon Bash ~ June 2013

Welcome to one of the Blogathon Challenges for June 2013. For more information on the Blogathon visit

This is one on my favorite things to do! I LOVE events and always have. I think I was self-proclaimed socialite in kindergarten. πŸ˜‰ Let’s bring your blog to LIFE with LIVE events. Below are a short list of way in which this may be done.

1. Host a movie night in your city through Tugg. If you select a nonprofit to receive a portion of the proceeds this goes over extremely well. They have hundreds of movies and documentary to choose from. Ask for Zach and tell him I sent you. πŸ˜‰

2. Become an in-kind sponsor of a community event. Offer coverage of their event in exchange for sponsorship. Now make sure you have a relevant or much appreciated offer such as social media coverage before the event, a pre event post, social media coverage during the event and a post event post. If you have questions please post them below.

3. Get yourself noticed by covering events just because. When you do this they then want to know who you are. This can be done very similar to number two above however you do not offer the full package unless you desire.

4. Contact the event host or organizer and ask them if you may cover their event. Now be prepared for the No or Yes that may come with that. After all you have heard them both before. PLEASE make sure that you present yourself very professional.

5. Host a Blogger Meet Up for your city. This can be as informal as you like or as formal as you like however they are fun!

Mini Challenge
List below three events you would like to cover within the next 90 days.

My three event are as follows:
1. Essence Music Festival
2. NAPW All White Affair
3. BLM ~ REALExperience 1 conference in 5 cities


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  1. Hi Kim!

    Below is my list of events I would like to cover in the next 90 days:

    1. Chic Boutique Tour in July
    2. 1st Annual Naturals in the Park
    3. Fierce & Fiery Designer Competition

  2. My list of Events I’d love to cover in the next 90 days include:

    1) The OCFair
    2) California Wine Festival
    3) The Festival of Arts/Pageant of the Masters

  3. I am starting to get into this just through local shows like circus shows, concerts, and movie pre-screenings. Aside from those the only local event I cover is the Renaissance Festival because from what I have read it is one f the largest in the nation.

    My List:
    1. Mitten Moms Conference (MI based mom/blogger conference)
    2. Bon Jovi Concert
    3. Renaissance Festival (just over 90 days away)

  4. I have been thinking of working with the Food Truck Parks here and setting up a local blogger Meet Up. I also could do a movies at it.

    2nd event I would like to cover and work with is Susan G Koman I did the Black Jack Throwback Concert with Pretty Muddy.

    3 National Nite Out

  5. I plan to cover:
    1. the shows at our local outdoor theater this summer
    2. a vino van gogh class at a local restaurant
    3. one of the fourth of july free concerts

  6. I have a question about this. I live in a small area and there aren’t many events to cover here. What types of events could I cover just using online info? Is this even possible to do? Thanks for the info.

  7. Great idea! I have a local Yakima Events column on my Examiner and usually feature it there. But I could totally do something on my blog too –

    I’m thinking of something like this:
    Summer events to check out – a photo of one of ours, link to a local list for the week, and then a bit of info on how to find similar things in your own area.

    Camping – a bit about one of our trips, tips on which campgrounds locally have cool stuff going on, and again – link to how to find local stuff like that for everyone else NOT local.

    Concerts!!! πŸ™‚

  8. Very useful information as I’ve recently begun bringing my blog to life and working on events to have in my community. My list:

    ~Columbia, SC blogger meet-up in August
    ~BLM REALExperience in August
    ~DWP Meet-Up in July (fun, ladies afternoon out event)

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