Blogathon Bash ~ June 2013
Blogathon Bash ~ June 2013

Welcome to one of the Blogathon Challenges for June 2013. For more information on the Blogathon visit
The Art of Networking for Blog is a key essential. This will determine how successful you can be or not. Having a blog is just one essential. You must network and create opportunities and buzz for your blog.

Make sure you are prepared by having the following:

1. Business Cards {ALWAYS keep your cards on you. This will help you!}

2. A 30-45 second elevator pitch {Do not sound like robot however be prepared to share and share often.}

3. Knowledge of your numbers. {Ex: Facebook fans. Twitter followers, Page Views etc…}

4. An email template/draft {I suggest three different versions. Thank You, Nice Meeting You & I Would Love To Collaborate.}

5. Your definition of a blogger and how you can assist them {In the blogosphere this has become a necessity because many now associate blogger with gossiper.}

With the above reference tools you are ready to begin The Art of Networking For Your Blog. The golden key is to be prepared for all networking aspects as a blogger. Here are the top blogging networking scenarios which I have experience.

Networking With Fellow Bloggers Online

Yes, you must do this. We are all doing this via the Blogathon. Ever attend a twitter chat? Yep, that is networking as well. So how do you network with fellow bloggers online?
1. You make a point to reach out and connect with at least 3-5 bloggers.
2. Follow up after the connection. I do this via Twitter, Facebook and eventually email.
3. Within 3-6 months are we are a great fit I collaborate with them on something that fits our blogs or see if we can answer any questions for each other.

Networking with Eventbrite & Meet Up

Now these are two of my favorites. I search each of these websites for KEY events which may be of interest for my lifestyle blog. However you can do this for any blog because all types of events are covered. My formula for success with this is to search six months out and select 2-6 events per month.

Blogger Events

This is your Soiree Networking Pool! Make the most it by β€œworking” the event. Do not see yourself as guest however on an assignment. What assignment? Well, YOU have three assignments.
1. To learn of bloggers opportunities and future events.
2. To meet everyone in the room and get their card or contact information.
3. To find the two bloggers you wish blogafriend aka become friends with.

Networking Just Because

Yes, network just because you can and should! Think about your insurance person, the Avon lady, your hair stylist and a real estate agent. They all have to network constantly for the following:
1. To tell you who they are, what they do and why you should chose them over their colleagues.
2. To show you how much they can improve your current situation.
To leave a positive lasting impression make sure you are presenting your brand correctly through dress, your elevator pitch and why they should connect with you.

Conferences, Summits, Symposiums & Community Events

Make these work for you and be profitable. Look at them as the networking opportunity to grow you and get the cost of the event back through the people you meet. For me if I leave a conference and maintain contact with at least three people then the conference was worth the expense. Recently, I left one conference with seven contacts who I talk to monthly and are working with three of them on BIG projects! Yay me. For you I recommend creating a formula for yourself out of the above shares and making it happen. Create your own opportunities.

Mini Challenge
Role Play ~ We are at a conference. How will you network the room and what can WE get out of it?


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Keystrokes By Kimberly is a synergy lifestyle blog which focuses on how to live a positive lifestyle. We cover every aspect of living a positive life from health, events, wealth, happiness, entertainment, travel and then some.

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  1. I produce a lot of events, including a women’s business conference that I started. I tend to “work the room” by welcoming people and playing host. I also make connections and introduce people to each other. If people make a great connection, they can always say it was because they attended your event or because you introduced them! People appreciate those who help them.

  2. As a former stockbroker, my earnings were based on networking to find new clients! I am going to Reviewer’s Retreat next week, and will pass out my new cards and collect cards from others, which I find to be a great conversation starter. I will find out which bloggers I most connect with, and make sure I contact them a week or so after the conference!

  3. I just walked in and I am walking around listening to everyone. I just hear a lady say she has started her own Direct Sales business. I walk up and introduce myself to her. I let her know Mommies POV is the voice of the people and I show her how I can help her be seen and why she would want to work with me as well as other bloggers.

    I do this at Craft Fairs I visit.

    But I will check out the two sites you listed and start finding 2 events a month 2 join as I am determined to build a local business.

  4. I promote my blog like crazy! Since I’m also an independent consultant with Origami Owl I make sure I push them both. I have plenty of business cards that I also hand out. The one area that I will be working on is finding more events outside of what I would consider the norm for me. I live in Nashville and so much stuff is based around Country Music and I’m just not that into it. But I will start looking for more cultural events.

  5. At a conference I would do my best to meet as many people as I can and try to make meaningful connections. I would try to find people that I can collaborate with so that we both get something out of the relationship.

  6. When I go to networking events I usually just walk around and randomly start chatting with people. Before we part ways I ask them if they have a business card so we can keep in touch, and then give them my business card. I then try to follow up within the week and ask if they would mind being added to my mailing list. πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Kimberly,
    Great advice. I have been at BlogHer’12, Reviewers Retreat12 and Blissdom12. I’m skipping them this year and focusing on growing and a site makeover. I enjoyed all 3 conferences and would highly recommend going atleast once πŸ™‚ Thank you for being so helpful this weekend.

  8. Seeing as this would be my first event I believe I would be a little timid, but I would have big smile on my face and a warm greeting along with a handshake. My business cards would be easily accessible and I would just tell them a little about me while also telling them about my blog. The text would more than likely be altered a little depending on the type of company they represent. Putting the main focus on that and away from everything else that is on my blog.

  9. I definitely need to come out of my shell more! I just ordered business cards. Last time I stuck to talking to people I know, now I need to really go out there and talk to lots of folks. I need to be more confident in myself and what I have to offer with my blog!

  10. I carry my cards everywhere I go, even to the park, and try to talk to many people as possible. I also try to follow tru and continue to connect via email or social media. I’ve met great people so far and collaborate with them as well. I always tell myself: You do not know who you are going to meet today, so be prepared!

  11. I’ll be at BlogHer in a month’s time, and can’t wait! It’ll be my 7th conference according to my about me page, lol. I’m addicted to them! Love meeting new bloggers and brands, its so much fun getting in touch with people who “just know” what it is you’re doing with your life.

    When I walk into a networking room, I tend to gravitate to those who are quiet wallflowers. I don’t know why, but I feel like I need to get them to start talking, lol. I’ll always have my biz cards on hand, and my smartphone (in case I want to see their blogs right there and then,) and will just talk until others join our group. That’s the second thing that always happens, once two people are talking, others will join in your group until you’ve got like five to eight people standing in a circle.

  12. Whenever I’m at a conference I try to speak with people – look them in the eye and introduce myself. I share a bit about my blog and ask about theirs and exchange cards whenever possible. I think that if we ‘click’ its a good sign that we should follow up with each other. Plus, you never know who’s there so its good to chat with everyone. I might be able to help showcase something and they might become a client – or I might find a great blogging friend where we can support each other or help each other. I’m finding this to be true. Although the last even I went to I was at a bit of a loss being on crutches and having no hands. It was awkward to say the least. Next time I hope to be nicely two footed and much more self assured. Luckily the group of bloggers is fabulous and we do share on a fb page to help each other and learn and get to know one another.

  13. My favorite question to ask at a conference when talking to brands or PR is – “What are your plans for working with bloggers?”

    When meeting other bloggers, I don’t usually ask where they blog. I ask what they do. Because blogging isn’t the ONLY thing a lot of us do – and I like to give them a chance to give me a bigger answer πŸ™‚

    Then, because I am like Dory from Finding Nemo – super forgetful – I like to try to write notes about the person I just met on the back of their biz card right away, so I can remember them later πŸ™‚ Which is why it’s also awesome to include your photo on your cards if you’re comfortable with it – Really helps people remember who you were after meeting a million people!

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