be uncommon
be uncommon

Life is SO funny and I thank goodness for my gift of being uncommon. Uncommon is a gift which comes naturally for me! Through all of life’s good times and bad times I have remained uncommon which has completely been for my better. Not always my best but my better. Everyone has their dresses to wear and burdens to bear however if I shared one tenth of my story of stories with you we would agree I have been through a lot. And YES more than the average person. A whole a lot and the fact that I am still standing, still forgiving, still loving, still trusting and doing these things well is pretty amazing whether you look at my life at age twenty two or forty two. So not that I want to be the next guru or expert on self-help or healing but I have been encouraged for about four years now to develop a series about all that life has afforded me good and bad. And well I just may take the publishing company and writing team up on this evolution into my next. And I am at a whole another next now and it is once again peaceful. I am evolving into something once imaginable, always achievable yet now actually happening. I am finally “Making It Happen”! If you only knew my story of stories you would be simply amazed. I would much rather show people my dreams versus telling them so I encourage you to watch me bloom where I am planted. Stayed tuned…

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