Meet Christy Tucker Sims
Meet Christy Tucker Sims
Christy Tucker Sims still needs our support, LOVE and donations. I know we have not forgotten about her because her personality and warm spirit makes her simply unforgettable. Well, if you have some 80’s style in your blood come out and party with a purpose. Friends of our Courageous Christy are hosting a party in her honor. See you there!

Long story short Christy is a LIVING example of domestic violence. Read her story below. She is a very dear friend to many of my friends and we are simply heartbroken. Christy Tucker Sims, beautiful, devoted and single mother of two children was disfigured by her former boyfriend (not the father of her children) in April 2013 with sulfuric acid. Christy suffered severe 3rd degree burns on her face including her eyes, neck, arms and shoulders. Since then she has had numerous skin graft surgeries which kept her sedated and intubated for 6 weeks as she recovered. Her life and the lives of her children and family have drastically changed to say the least. She did not deserve this.

Please assist Christy and her family by donating what you can to help fund her medical expenses as well as support with daily living as she is unable to work through her healing process. Thank you in advance on behalf of Christy and her family as she braves this journey of rebuilding her life.

Party For A Purpose ~ Christy Tucker Sims
Party For A Purpose ~ Christy Tucker Sims

If you are unable to attend tonight please you may donate by using the PayPal account on her site. You may also deposit donations at any Bank of America branch. The information is:

Christy Sims Fund
Account # 3340 4023 2811

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