National Diabetes Month

Whew… Just now getting around to this post. I was feeling some kind of way about this share. Not sure exactly what it was however here it goes. This month is near and dear to my heart. For me it is so much more than giving THANKS it is about educating people two fold about stroke and diabetes. I have diabetes and as a result of diabetes I am a two time stroke survivor. I was diagnosed with diabetes after having a stroke on March 11th in 2007 while asleep. Below is a photo of in February 2007 right before the stroke.

~ Kimberly Wright ~
~ Kimberly Wright ~

In 2009 Joyce Davis (a DYNAMIC writer) was doing some research for Essence magazine regarding diabetes and how it was affecting the African American community. I answered the call and was a contributor to her article which appeared in the below Essence. Throughout the month I wish to share my journey, tips of health, management of my needs and more. I hope you will enjoy this little insight into this aspect of my journey.

Essence Cover 2009

So check back throughout the month and see what insight I have to share and what you may learn.

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