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I Am Screaming I Survived THE STROKE Seven Years Ago Today!

I am screaming I survived THE STROKE seven years ago today! I am SO grateful to be here with my son, family and friends. Seven years ago to this date I had a massive stroke in my sleep due to undiagnosed diabetes. Three weeks prior to the stroke I had sent out a mass email …

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Welcome To National Diabetes Month & Kimberly’s Story

Whew… Just now getting around to this post. I was feeling some kind of way about this share. Not sure exactly what it was however here it goes. This month is near and dear to my heart. For me it is so much more than giving THANKS it is about educating people two fold about …

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Join Me For Yoga In The Park!

Yoga has become my chosen passion of exercise. I desperately wanted to get physically involved in the Black Girls Run movement yet was unable to for physical reasons. Therefore, I sought out an exercise routine I could do regular and successfully. No, can’t, giving up and failure are not options for me. Do not believe …