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~ My Sunday Morning ~
~ My Sunday Morning ~

And then this happened… I will be pointing at EVERYONE today! These fingers have not moved in about five years except involuntarily. Basically since insurance stopped paying for therapy. Well as I was talking to myself ( y’all do it too *snickering*) they started moving will the conversation. The thumb and index finger were with until I fell asleep about 5am. Woke up this morning and no it was not a dream they are still moving although not as active but I will getting them all moving 100%. #Grateful #Restoration

The above post appeared on my personal Facebook page this morning. This morning was amazing. There are all kinds of back stories here and here and throughout this blog! Lol… Basically, after seven years of being left with a disabled right arm from the first stroke on March 11th 2007 I received some movement back in my right hand this morning. I am too elated and have been pointing and trying to point ever since. My muscles and nerves are tired now however I just cannot let them rest.

You see I have not moved any of these fingers on command for about five years. Sure, they move involuntarily all the time like when I yarn or when I am sleep and when I was in physical therapy they moved like wild fire when they were electrically stimulated. When therapy was no longer covered by insurance options quickly ran out as it was $350 an hour to continue and all though my village and I did the best we could for a good run there was no way we could continue the therapy needed at three to five times a week for occupational therapy (hand) and physical therapy (leg). Let’s face it that was easily at least $2,100 a week. Then we moved to family and friends doing what they could however the reality is they did not have the resources such as training, equipment, time etc… so it became a situation of it is what it is and I just learned how to manage with what I had which went adjust a lot and I do mean a lot to function without my right arm.

~ Photo Credit | Kimberly Wright ~
~ Photo Credit | Kimberly Wright ~

This is one grateful girlie! Very grateful for this milestone! Funny thing is I had the first stroke seven years ago on a Sunday in the early hours of the morning. Now seven years later on a Sunday in the early hours of the morning I am able to send commands to my hand and get actual results! How amazing is that? Yes, seven is the number of completion as my Bennett sister Shawn pointed out and this is the road to restoration. I have three months and eleven days to bring this to full restoration so please cheer me on as I do just that.


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  1. This is such an amazing testimony. God is good. I had no idea you are a stroke survivor. You are rocking life. Can’t wait to see you in person again so you can POINT at me!
    I’m cheering for you.

    1. Lol… Congratulations on the baby bump! Yes, I am actually a two stroke survivor and a two time cancer survivor. STILL I RISE is my theme. You better believe I will point at you AND love on Zoe! Lol… Hope to see you soon. MJ

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