Blogathon Bash ~ June 2013
Blogathon Bash ~ June 2013

Welcome to one of the Blogathon Challenges for June 2013. For more information on the Blogathon visit
Your title can determine the success of your post success. There is SO much in your title. It is the deciding factor as to whether your post gets read or not. There are two must. One make it catchy. Two make it SEO friendly. Let’s talk about it.

You want you blog post to have longevity and be read for years to come so let’s seal the deal be assuring these four things.

1. A Catchy Title ~ Make Sure It Is Catchy & Every Word Is Capitalized.
2. SEO Friendly ~ Make Google and Bing LOVE Your Blog
3. Keywords aka Buzz Words ~ Check Google & Bing For This
4. Know What Is Trending and Hot ~ A Need To Know To Remain Relevant.

Catchy Title
There is an art to a catchy title however do not let that intimidate you because a title is just an accessory which makes your post pop. Examples of

Titles vs Catchy Titles

~ Instagram + Pinterest = More Followers vs How To Make Instagram + Pinterest = Your Success

~ 13 Things Your Blog Should Have vs The Top 13 Things To Make Your Blog Official

And What You Think About This One?
SEO Friendly & Keywords
This can literally breathe life into your post. SEO is your magical key to unlock an abundance of doors. This weekend make Google and Bing fall in LOVE with your posts. Visit and

ALWAYS, Always, always know what is trending so you can be in the trend mix as well. Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Kim K and babies are usually always trending. Find a way to relate to your post. Let’s say you are a Foodie blog. Then when writing a post I would mention how I wonder if one of them might eat what food I am speaking of. Sounds crazy I know however it works and works WELL. 😉

Mini Challenge
Write a post this weekend using what you have learned above and post it below.


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      1. I set it for Monday by mistake – it’s up now. I’m pluggin’ away at the list – too little time this go around, but anything done is a fabulous I think!

    1. Now this post is DYNAMIC! You go girl. You did that. I LOVE that you write about your health challenge. I am a 2x stroke survivor & 2x cancer survivor so I have much respect for you sharing this. I just may start sharing this on my blog. 🙂 Yes, make sure you capitalize each word in your title always. Please email {[email protected]} who designed your blog. Nice look…

  1. You Are…A Video For You

    I didn’t know about all caps for even the little words, so will do that from now on. I won a book this weekend which hopefully will help me figure out SEO better, so I can apply it to my blog. As for trending, how do you check for that? I have a feeling Instagram videos would be since it’s new.

  2. There aren’t any blogging events in my area (Arkansas) that I know of. But I would love to host a monthly Mompreneur Training event that would tie in well with my blog. Does that count? lol

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