Today we are featuring Telisha and how she lives out loud. I first met Telisha at Blogalicious in October 2013. She definitely lives out loud through her various avenues as a speaker, host, blogger and social media influencers. Here is her story.

~ Presenting Telisha Ng ~
~ Presenting Telisha Ng ~

1. What is your perspective on life?

Life is a continuous classroom in motion. Everyday I learn something new about myself and others. There is a plot twist every week or so. It’s exciting, even in the most mundane moments. Sometimes we’re sure of the outcome and other times it’s difficult to see the finish line, either way I’m glad to be living.

2. Where do you find your JOY?

I find my joy in the creative process, playtime and helping others live better. I also recently found that I’m joyful when I can host events or have the mic to share a message, which is hilarious to me because by nature I’m really shy and introverted. I can’t stand to be out at events for very long when I’m attendee yet some magic happens when I’m given the mic.


3. How do you spend your quality time?

I enjoy spending quality time with family, my dog and my beaux. Nothing makes me happier than being around people who don’t have me on their payroll. I love that I can be around them and not bring up work, they keep me balanced.

4. What is your personal mantra?

My personal mantra is actually a hashtag my girlfriend @LaurynDoll created that I use frequently #GodBlessTheGrind. It reminds me that the blessing is the journey and not necessarily the rewards we reap from it.

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5. What story would you like to share?

I have so many stories that I share daily on my blog that I hold dear to my heart. Each time I tell a story about my life experiences in foster care, growing up in subsidized housing or being in unhealthy relationships I feel such a powerful release. I’ve learned that when we tell our stories, no matter how painful – The pain goes away a lot faster because there will always be someone who can relate. Relating helps us heal.

6. What is your favorite vacation destination?

When I get married *subtle hint to the boyfriend* I would like to Honeymoon in Singapore or Dubai because of the awesome hotels and exclusivity, think DisneyLand for adults. As a single traveller, Italy would be my favorite vacation destination. There is a romantic and cultural significance that draws me to want to explore Italy on my own. I suppose I’ll find out what that is when I land.

7. If you could have a moment of joy with any celebrity or public figure who would that be?

This preference for me changes like the weather, but at this moment I would love to go shopping and brunch with Kimora Lee Simmons. She’s probably the closest to the type of woman I want to become. Like Kimora I want to create an empire – blog, books, events, signature fashion lines…all of it.

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