Loving today’s feature of Daisy Teh! She lives out loud professionally and personally. Daisy is one of my blogger buddies who grabs life by the horns and has a ball. I met her virtually through Entertainment New Media Network and have been in awe every since. Presenting Daisy Teh of The It Mom!


1. What is your perspective on life?

I see life from a grateful perspective and often remember the darker days when my life is going great, so that I can stay humble. I live on a level of confident expectancy that everything I desire (with the right motives) will come to pass, and they always do.

2. Where do you find your JOY?

I find it within Christ. He’s is the center of it all for me – my family, my finances, my church, my career. Without HIM, I’d probably just be “happy” but lacking the unexplainable joy I often feel. My family and my passion for serving others come second and third when it comes to finding joy.

Daisy .Jo Bday 3

3. How do you spend your quality time?

It’s important to balance out your quality time with things that matter most, and there isn’t just one thing. First, I make sure to spend quality time with God first by reading the Bible, writing in my journal, and through prayer. I spend quality time with my family by going on dates with my husband twice a month and taking each child out on dates separately. It’s amazing how open the lines of communication become when you make an effort to spend quality time with those you love. I also make sure to spend quality time on perfecting my craft of creative writing and blogging. And serving the ministry is one way I’ve been able to spend quality time serving others.

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4. What is your personal mantra?

My motto has always been, “My struggles have become my successes” because I want to be a living testimony for others. I want them to know there’s hope when you hit rock bottom and if you just keep pressing on and learn from those challenges, you will be successful.

Daisy Husband

5. What story would you like to share?

My life is a story book, a reality TV series. As a teen mom who did not subject herself to the status quo of failure or wild living, I want to one day write a memoir of how successfully I lived my life and helped to impact the lives of millions along the way for the good.

6. What is your favorite vacation destination?

My favorite vacation destination will be coming soon – in the Caribbean! I’ll be going for the first time in my life this October, and that’s all thanks to blogging. I know it’ll be my favorite, because I already envisioned the experience first.

Daisy Beach

7. If you could have a moment of joy with any celebrity or public figure, who would that be?

That’s easy – it would be Angelina Jolie. She’s my inspiration, and I know one day I will have the opportunity to meet her and tell her all about how she’s inspired me to be the woman I’ve come to be.


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