Save the dates of February 1st through the 3rd. We are counting down to Shift Con 2018 and I could not be more excited! What is ShiftCon? ShiftCon is Leah Segedie! Yes, Leah is the Creator and Founder of ShiftCon and it embodies The Health of It All. Known as the Eco Wellness Influencer Conference it embraces all things health via education, wellness, food, lifestyle and more. Below is an overview by Leah herself.

~ When ~

Thursday, February 1st through Saturday, February 3rd

~ Where ~

Irvine, CA at Hotel Irvin
17900 Jamboree Road
Irvine, CA 92614
(866) 396-4201
Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

~ Who~

Come one. Come all. ShiftCon is for all influencers whether you have a website, blog or a platform of any type. If you want to learn the knowledge and share the knowledge ShiftCon is for you.

~ Why~

Straight from the website because it says it best.
ShiftCon was born out of the idea that together we can create a profound impact on the world around us. We can literally shift the way we eat, raise our families and our impact on the environment. That shift has begun, and now it’s time to come together and leverage our collective voice. ShiftCon was created to give wellness and eco-friendly influencers a place to network, share ideas, learn from experts, empower one another and organize their efforts for social change.

Our Ultimate Mission: The purpose of the ShiftCon community is ultimate to change the grocery store one brand at a time. As Shifters promote better products, people will purchase better products. And thus the ShiftCon community is the ultimate example of citizens voting with their dollar.

~ What Happens ~

– Professional workshops. Workshop choices are social media growth, wellness topics, and revenue streams to name a few.

– Keynotes from top influencers throughout the United States.
Well over 50 brands and organizations to network with and who want to work with influencers.

– Networking with hundreds of other influencers.

– Fitness events.

– NonGMO meals

– Education on all things involving a healthy lifestyle.

ShiftCon is one of my favorite movements and conferences because it is a very conscious year-round effort to make your lifestyle better on every level imaginable. To learn more please visit ShiftCon. To join in on this life-changing experience purchase your ticket now. Follow along on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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