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Female entrepreneurship is golden if you are truly dedicated on all levels to your success. Entrepreneurship requires great discipline, drive, dedication and serious focus. You have to embrace every step of your journey and be willing to tweak it as necessary. Below are nine tips I would like you to consider.

1) Embrace the journey and know there will be good times and challenging times.

2) Make a five-year business plan and reference it and evaluate it often.

3) Break your business plan down by year, quarter, month and week for ultimate achievement and evaluation.

4) Make sure every week and every day has clearly outline tasks with goals to be accomplished.

5) Read The 4 Disciplines of Execution: Achieving Your Wildly Important Goals and How To Win Friends & Influence People In The Digital Age.

6) Embrace Grace Lever and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Grace is a rock star simply stated. She has successfully run six amazing businesses and live by the motto “Stop dreaming and start doing.”

7) Michelle D. Garrett is a coach I admire. She is an awesome go-to resource for female entrepreneurs as well and specializes in coaching female entrepreneurs from beginning to end at every stage of their business and breathing life back into their business. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

8) Daniel DiPiazza of Rich 20 Something offers great like-minded insight for twenty-something-year-olds. The Mission and The Movement are very impressive and he has an extremely active tribe of twenty-something-year-olds.

9) Invest in yourself and pay it forward with Kiva. If you are a female who needs possible funding Kiva just may be your Fairy Godmother. This is an excellent window to watch female businesses and funding for women all over the world.

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10) Create your tribe of mentors, like-minded businesswoman and resources to succeed every step of the way. This tribe should change as you evolve to different levels.

11) Plug into what other female entrepreneurs are doing and thinking by subscribing to Female Entrepreneurs Institute and Forbes Woman. These women are already doing what you want to accomplish so get in their thought process and soak up what they are thinking and doing like a sponge. Afterall, great minds think alike.

12) Surround yourself with motivational quotes. Write them on anything and everything to protect your dreams, energy, and drive. My favorite quotes as a female entrepreneur can be found here from Being Mary Jane.

Celebrate being a female entrepreneur every step of the journey. Celebrate the big wins. Celebrate the small wins. Celebrate you!

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