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The art of shopping with technology has become golden over the past decade thanks to companies filling the need. Big box stores such as Walmart, IKEA, Home Depot, and Amazon (even though they are not your traditional big box store) have changed the online shopping game tremendously. Imagine doing more than half of your shopping from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone with no worries of crowds, parking and long lines. I get it because it gives you peace of mind, a new level of supply and demand as well as a more stress free experience. It truly is a win win for the company and the consumer.

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Companies such as Izenda, which is known for providing ad-hoc reporting allow big and small companies to track the analytics of the consumer through multiple avenues such as what you are visiting, how long are you visiting a certain products, what you are purchasing versus what you considered and more. They are not stalking you. (Smile) They are however evaluating your shopping habits and trends for their clients to better serve you based on those same habits. Izenda, which allows self-service reporting, is a major player in business analytics.
Regarding the consumer art of technology is golden because you have so many choices all from your device of choice and with the technology aspect you can do the following:

Buy from one retailer or several retailers all with the click of a button and no traveling.
Do comparative shopping in minutes. Forget making multiple trips or phone calls to see who has the better deal.

You get better pricing because online retails are encouraging you to shop with them online.
This is awesome for gift giving because they can deliver the gifts for you.
It costs truly cuts down on the compulsive window shopping and crowds.
You can make discreet purchases in the privacy of your space versus publicly. Ex:Female products, erotica etc…

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There is an art to shopping with technology online and I want you to enhance your skill set and give it a try. Just an FYI shopping online during Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and Green Monday are best handle performed by clearing your cache and then shopping some more.

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