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Technology has been the wave of the future for decades and has created a culture of progress while also creating a culture of fear for mass unemployment. Keeping up with technology is so imperative because if you do not keep up you will be a misinformed dinosaur living in this day. Whether it is 2017 or 2071 you must stay abreast of technology growth and happenings, How? By practicing it, reading about it or both. This is where Andrew Charlton comes in. Andrew is an expert in writing articles as well as books on the subject matter. A firm believer in managing the risks of automation to unemployment Andrew points out many solutions through his published essays over the years along with the published books. Each one provides solutions as a matter of fact. The outlining of his predictive analyses, economic philosophies, and Fair Trade for All clearly outline multiple solutions and gives you the why and the how blueprint to managing these concerns and constantly providing solutions no matter how new or old the challenge.

One of “>Andrew Charlton’s most known articles to date is Future work: why machines won’t generate mass unemployment. This one is a particular most known because it completely breaks down how employment is greatly affected and not affected by technology. Andrew is very clear about unemployment in this evergreen article and what to expect regarding unemployment and mass unemployment in regards to technology being implemented. Simply stated, mass unemployment because of technology is not expected to happen according to Andrew’s insight. He outlines this theory constantly in Fair Trade for All and The Right to Fair Trade.

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Andrew has made has mark on technology in many celebrated ways. He is a well published author who has worked for the UN, the OECD and the Reserve Bank of Australia. A Rhodes scholar he also has a doctorate from Oxford University. Please follow him and his works on Twitter and at alphabeta.com.

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