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I was recently asked to take a look at Gigamic toys and you know I said yes! I love games and non electronic games are a big win with me. Call me nostalgic however some of my best childhood memories were with board games with family and friends. As a matter of fact all my Mom and Aunts still have all the board games from our childhood. We had teams of siblings and would play for hours or even days on snow days. There was Marvin & Michelle, Jill & Joe and Kim & Gerard. Of course I would love to share #TeamKimandGerard were the best however keeping with honesty we were all pretty good! After all we each had the sibling connection going on and that was a very unique force.

Well, to say the least after previewing this new generation of games I totally love Gigamic new twist on board games. I so stoked about entering the wonderful world of Gigamic I made the transformation to household family gifts this year have gotten a few as gifts for family and friends. There are truly games for every age group and interest. After Paul showed them to me step by step I realized they were thinking games of educational fun and that was it for me. Here are the games I liked best.

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Gigamic Quarto Classic game which I loved because it was a lot like chess. Also, Gigamic Quixo Classic was another one I really liked.

Then there were these which each were fun.

Gigamic has been in business since 1991. Started by six siblings this has grown into a gaming empire with games produced in over 30 languages and 45 countries.

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