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Updated – Friday, January 19, 2018

I accepted the twenty one day yoga challenge from Wanderlust because since 2007 yoga has been heavily recommended to me as an exercise I could really get into since my stroke. Now I have played at yoga off and on for well over twenty years however never committed to it seriously and this seemed like my moment in time. I highly enjoy this updated guide. I actually enjoy yoga because it leads to so many other things I enjoy such as flexibility, meditation, core strengthening, better posture, increased blood flow, drops blood pressure and so much more so it is really a no brainer decision for me and I am looking forward to this jumping starting a great routine.

What is the Wanderlust 21 Day Yoga Challenge you ask? Well read all about it here.  In the meantime do you can also see day by day challenge actions here as well. The challenge begins on Monday, January 9th and ends on Monday, January 30th. This is a video series and the videos are only available for five days after it goes live which I feel is more than fair. Of course the video series is available for purchase if you would like it after January 30th and they even have a Facebook group to assist with the questions and answers during the series. I could not say no. Are you in? I sure hope so.  

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Feel free to follow my hashtag of #KBKHealthJouney365 and my social media is Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I will also be giving an update on the blog so check back soon.

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