I love seeing Santas that who look like me. Period. Love it. After all every race, religion and culture needs to images which resemble them in a positive light. For almost twenty five years I have hunted and collected everything Black/African American when it came to Christmas because my family deserved it. My race deserved it. I have over a hundred Black Christmas Angels. I have over fifty Black Santa figures. I even scored some Black Santa wrapping paper this year. So let just say when I saw this article I was AMAZED and thrilled at the same time. Mall of America has a Black Santa this year and that screams progress on so many levels. What progress? The progress of us being recognized as a people. Congratulations Mall of America and Larry Jefferson.

Photo Credit | AP Press
Photo Credit | The Associated Press

Larry Johnson is an awesome individual how happens to play Santa. After my amazement I googles him and let me just say the articles, stories and comments about this Santa are warm and fuzzy. He started playing Santa at twelve years old to his siblings. Yes, twelve! Here are some pictures I gathered.

Photo Credit | Facebook
Photo Credit | Facebook
Photo Credit | Facebook
Photo Credit | Facebook
Photo Credit | Daily Mail
Photo Credit | Daily Mail

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  1. It was such an honor portraying Santa last year at MOA. I enjoyed making and watching children and adults smile and see their face light up when they noticed I was Santa. I’m looking forward to many years in spreading holiday cheer to all. Many Blessings to you for covering the story in a positive light. Follow your passion!


    Santa Larry

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