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It is no secret Samsung has just about everything I need to maintain my family’s lifestyle without paying full price, having to focus on sales or cut out all of those coupons. Not knocking those who do but stating I am just not built for those things. Full price is not an option. Keeping up with sales is a trick in my book because there is always a sale in America from President’s Day to a White sale. Think about it every eight weeks. Now how will you know if it’s a great deal or what the price should have been to begin? Mmm… Clipping out coupons is not an option because I lost use of my right arm due to a stroke in 2007. Speaking of which that health challenge was actually what introduced me to the world of Groupon.

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Today I want to share how my Samsung gives me life. It is the BEST overall phone I have had in 25+ years. I can do everything from my . The funny thing is this started out as my secondary phone but quickly out performed my primary phone. It does everything and I do mean everything plus it still has the removable battery option. What could be greater than that? Simply stated it is a handheld minicomputer and I love it. The other fantastic option is the boat load of abilities it allows you to set up for people with disabilities.

I am very happy with Groupon and Samsung. Have you found a great Groupon deal for you?

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