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You can really save with Groupon coupons and I love it. After years, I became familiar with Groupon in 2008 – 2009 time period, of use I learned to always check Groupon for deals no matter where I live or visit or what the need or desire or budget. I had a stroke in 2007 and needed to maintain my lifestyle even though the budget was getting revamped so I turned to Group. Simply stated Group gave the ability to maintain my life, a better life because of the deals which can go as high as 70% off. Trust me they were my answer to affording my children a minimum shift in lifestyle as we adjusted to my new income level. They even give you $10 off your first Groupon.*

Groupon Deal In Atlanta
Groupon Deal In Atlanta

Groupon even had a Cyber Monday deal on July 19th which was good. Really good. I was able to spoil a few people. I stocked up on a few things like three sheet sets, four pro spin brushes for me and my crew as well as two summer sweaters and I did not break the bank. I roughly spent about $200 dollars and it should been well over $400. Yes, this is why I am loving Groupon and it gives me life.

They offer excellent brands without all the fuss. No traveling to the mall or store. No pounding the pavement to you see it. Shop from your comfort zone and win. A Groupon win. Offering come from popular brands such as Marriott, Ann Taylor, T-Mobile, DSW, Barns & Noble, Saks Fifth Avenue, Hertz and so much more. Now do you see how it afforded me to maintain my lifestyle after the stroke? Yes, ma’am I love Groupon.

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