~ Welcome To The World Of Coca-Cola ~
~ Welcome To The World Of Coca-Cola ~

Hands down the World of Coca-Cola has more than one secret formula to indulge in! One is the secret drink formula and the other is their unique ability to allow you to experience the world in just a few hours. I LOVE THE WORLD OF COCA-COLA!

~ Around The World With The World Of Coca-Cola ~
~ Around The World With The World Of Coca-Cola ~

Coke, as I affectionately call it, has been a part of my life in a BIG way since age two. Yes, age two! My nanny used to give it me. Lol… As a result Coke is the only soda brand I allow in my life and house especially as a Georgia Peach and Southern Belle. I had pieces from their clothing line back in the 80’s and I bake with it and the whole nine yards. So as you can see I LOVE MY WORLD OF COCA-COLA!!!! Recently, I was invited to a press event where my crew was able to experience the latest and greatest from the World of Coca-Cola. Now as an avid Coke supporter I was beyond excited for the invite and impressed beyond measure with the new additions.

Take a look at MY around the world staycation inside the world of Coke!

~ Great Day At The World of Coca-Cola ~
~ Great Day At The World of Coca-Cola ~

Coke 1

Their new Moments of Happiness film of everything! It takes you through a stream of happy emotions. Yes, it is tear jerker however worth every emotion! The culture and LOVE of Coke is really experienced in this video. Here is a snippet.

Coca-Cola also as an added enjoyment has a new World of Coca-Cola App. The mobile app is designed to be a companion when you visit the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, and it comes alive as you step through the doors. Currently, it is only available for the #TeamiPhone users.

Now I would like for you to go around the world with Coke. Please enter my raffle of four (4) tickets to be given away. The contest begins at 8am on Thursday, June 19th and ends on Thursday, June 26th at 11:59pm. Entry opportunities are below. Enjoy…

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