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Welcome back! This post is a continuation from last week’s {Wedding Wednesday} post of How To Select A Wedding Stationery & Invitation Designer! There was plenty of interest in that post. Wedding season is one of my favorite and I enjoy sharing my tips from November to September (Wedding Season). Without further ado here is part two.

~ Photo Credit | WeddingFriends.co ~
~ Photo Credit | WeddingFriends.co ~

Ask to review their contract.

• Reviewing the contract is not only for the designer’s protection but for yours also. After all, you will be asked to sign it, and reviewing it prior to signing will ensure it is not one-sided in favor of the designer. Make sure the contract addresses such issues as: What happens in the event deadlines are missed? Do they outsource the work? If so, what rights do you have regarding a missed deadline? If they are a “solopreneur” what are your rights if they are unable to deliver due to an unforeseen illness or circumstance?

• Yes, as the client, you may request revisions be made to the contract prior to signing. If a request for contract revision is met with resistance, then try to find a happy compromise or continue your wedding stationery designer selection process.

Evaluate whether this is their hobby, hustle or career.

• Are they on Yelp.com?
• Are they registered with the Better Business Bureau?
• Do they do this full time or is it a hobby?
• Do they have a business license?
• Do they have a website?
• Do they invest in their presentations?
• Do they have business cards?
• What is their turnaround time?

Photo Credit | Maple.com
Photo Credit | Maple.com

Check out their website.

• Their About Page will generally provide you with great insight regarding the focus of the company or designer and reveal to you what they are really all about. Are they rambling or straight to the point?

• Yes, you should go through their website with a keen eye and look for typos and grammatical mistakes. If their website, which is their presentation to the world, contains a lot of mistakes and/or excuses, chances are, their attention to detail is not where it needs to be and you may be in store for lots of proofing errors.

Check their social media.

• Have they ever been unprofessional via social media? Argued with a bride? Engaged a client in an aggressive manner?

• Do they post their work (your product) with your permission?

• Does their social media get updated consistently?

• Do they positively engage?

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Well, I am hopeful, the information I have provided will give you some insight and assist you with the selection process of high-quality and respectable wedding stationery and invitation designer. Taking all of this into consideration, the most important advice I can share with you is to follow your instincts and do not be afraid to ask questions. And remember, I am only a keyboard away. Please leave your questions or feedback below.

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