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I truly learned sixteen lessons in 2016. Yes some of them were repeat lessons and then there were the new lessons. Lessons learned nonetheless. 2016 kicked off without me. I was still deeply mourning the death my son from another mother. He was senseless murdered and it rocked my soul like you would not believe. One day in April I decided to get unstuck and that was so freeing.

Photo Credit | Keystrokes By Kimberly

Overall I stayed to myself for 2016 and truly observed very interesting human behavior socially, personally, romantically and professionally. I actually enjoyed the solo experience because I discovered a lot. More than this post can handle. The sixteen lessons learned are below.

1. I am truly responsible for my own fate by any and all means necessary.

2. Parents need to go back to parenting and not being their child’s friend even with adult children.

3. Friends can and do quickly become family under certain circumstances.

4. I do not like chicken.

5. Never allow someone to use you under any circumstances.

6. Watch the company kept by your love ones and friends. Energy does not lie.

7. The thyroid is the key system to your body. Period.

8. You cannot rekindle moment. Trust me it passed for a reason.

9. People really do come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime and you need to accept and respect that reason, season or lifetime.

10. Money can definitely be the root of all evil.

11. Life is not fair however you can still win this thing.

12. I truly still believe in love. Just when I think I do not I am pleasantly surprised.

13. Count your blessings no matter what because you still have something someone else does not.

14. I need to travel more. The travel bug has bitten me again.

15. My strength mentally and physically is still growing every day.

16. Forgive them in spite of however never allow it to happen again.

Yes, those are the sixteen lessons learned in 2016. What lessons did you learn?

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