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Baby, Nia Long is my spirit animal. Do you hear me? She is one fierce, strong; confident D.I.V.A. (Driven – Inspired- Victorious- called to Action). The Nia Long #Uncensored story on Sunday night was EVERYTHING! I always thought she was my spirit animal and now I know! I received a confirmation when I saw TV One’s Uncensored with Nia Long. She spoke her truths and stood proudly in them. I always have a new level of respect for people who speak their truths and stand well-grounded in them. It keeps them realistic, honest and in my authentic no matter what their story.

I was amazed at how comfortable she was in her own skin, in Black Hollywood, in Hollywood, in Motherhood and so much more. She was so real and watching her was like sitting on my sofa curled up with a hot cup of lemon ginger tea from Yogi and talking to my bestie! She gave me so much life and she will be in my tribe of girlfriends someday! Just watch. We really do have a lot in common and I am not reaching for it. (Smile). Here is our common ground.

• Her Mother/Daughter relationship with her Mother is very similar to my Mother/Son relationship with my Sun. It has been the two of us forever and we are also friends, a team, each other support system and so much more. My son did not miss a beat through all of our challenges including a stroke and me being on disability.

• Motherhood does Nia and I well. We are all about our “Sonshines”. Yes, I spelled son s.u.n. We do what we have to do to for the love and support of our sons even when it does not seem for us. Bottom line is we make sure they have what they need and a lot of what they want while still watering our own gardens.

• Nia and I are also THAT ride or die friend no questions asked. If you call we are there in no time despite the time o day or night.

Nia Long has graced at least seven Essence covers not including the issues with double covers. Now that is Boss no matter how you look at it. I cannot even give a supermodel those accolades. By the way, my favorite Nia Long Essence cover is the November edition of 2009. Nia graces the cover and I am mentioned in the edition as I share my diabetes diagnoses which in turn lead to stroke journey of a survivor to thriver. Check out the below issue if you can.

Photo Credit | Essence Magazine

Nia Long’s highlight reel is just that so real. She is truly an august lady of grace who carved her own way through Black Hollywood and Hollywood for that matter. Watching and really listening to her story redefined her birth into the industry and her victorious story of being true to thy own self. I so digging her did quotes or “Niaism” as I chose to call them. I will be enjoying her spirit and skillset for many years and decades to come. Nia Long, I salute you!

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Photo Credit | Essence Magazine
Photo Credit | Essence Magazine

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