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(NEW YORK, NEW YORK- August 7, 2015) Introducing SPEAZIE, a new music recording mobile app that puts the power of music collaboration in your pocket. AND IT’S FREE! This easy-to-use App lets singers find a beat and/or music bed, create a song, edit and then share with friends. It also allows a producer to upload and share their beats and connect with a singer.

Amazing things happen through collaboration and SPEAZIE puts a music recording and collaboration platform right on your iPhone and iPad. Users can build a global music network and discover musical opportunities using only their mobile device.

SPEAZIE lets artists collaborate with musicians known or unknown. Artists can create tracks with people from around the globe and even jam with their favorite musicians. The tool also allows users to provide and receive feedback on songs.

Do you want to be discovered? SPEAZIE can give budding artists a genuine chance to share their talents with music industry giants.

SPEAZIE’S co-founders are two entrepreneurial, music-loving brothers, Rahul and Sahil Keswani. The two spent much of their childhood jamming in their makeshift garage. New York-based Rahul and London-based Sahil wanted to continue their jam sessions but were frustrated by the limitations, expense and tedium of trying to collaborate through more traditional means. As they each built their own network of musicians in their respective cities, they realized there had to be a better way to use technology to make the collaboration easier, and their long-distance jamming more creative.

That’s how SPEAZIE was born.

“Through the years, I kept producing primarily on my own and eventually my brother found a few people in London that he felt should work with me and create some cool tracks,” said Rahul. “Unfortunately when we began collaborating over email and sending recordings back and forth, we soon found that the process was time-consuming,” he concluded.

“I knew there was a better way,” said Sahil. “We sketched out the first design of SPEAZIE during a holiday weekend and ever since then it’s been the rush of turning an idea into reality!”

SPEAZIE is a free mobile app for both iPhone and iPad on the ITunes App Store.

SPEAZIE is a music recording platform and mobile app that puts the power of music collaboration in the user’s pocket. SPEAZIE brings together artists in an online community and provides increased exposure for their collaborative work. Users can browse the community for a beat or upload their own. The app allows users to record on top of the beat from their mobile phone or tablet. The app also includes built-in audio editing tools. When the work is complete, users can share the track with the world and let their talents be discovered! Visit to learn more and sign up, or download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

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About SPEAZIE’S Founders:
Rahul Keswani – President/CEO
Rahul has an innate passion for music. Growing up jamming with his brother Sahil in a makeshift garage studio, Rahul banked his 10,000 hours learning his craft and getting into music production. After completing a BSc in Business and the music industry at Northeastern University, Rahul went on to achieve an MBA in Finance. He began his career in retail and manufacturing for his family business, while continuing to explore opportunities that would combine his entrepreneurial drive with his love of music. In creating SPEAZIE, a music platform based on collaboration and access for all, Rahul is building on his own personal ethos of empowering people everywhere to fulfil their true potential. On the weekends, Rahul’s life is a hectic blur of golf, music, catching up on reading and hanging out with his finance and dogs.

Sahil Keswani – COO/CTO
After studying business and technology in college, Sahil knew he wanted to be a part of the rapidly evolving tech industry, and combine that with his lifelong passion for making music. While attending rap battles with friends in London, he saw a need for technology to support the complicated creative processes involved in music. When he and Rahul started to talk about enabling better online collaboration for musicians around the world, the spark of the idea for SPEAZIE was born. When not traveling internationally to work with development teams around the world, Sahil can be found practicing guitar and digital music production, playing sports, and rooting for the Red Devils, Manchester United.

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