Word AIDS Day 2013

In a PERFECT world one could believe, trust and have faith in everyone they are intimate with. However, WE are not in a perfect world. Today is World AIDS day and EVERYONE needs to know their status whether you are fourteen or one hundred and fourteen. Do you know the largest new cases of AIDS and HIV right now is with the fifty five and up age group. Yes, primarily because they are not asking their partner’s status and assuming everyone is “safe” at their ages. You should NEVER assume anyone is “safe” without seeing documented proof.

We live in a world of shadiness where we may not be not shady or dishonest however the people we trust and love may be shady and dishonest. Let’s face it partners and spouses do and will cheat and may or may not use protection while cheating. A harsh REALity but REALity none the less.

~ OraQuick ~
~ OraQuick ~

Make sure you are getting tested every six months whether married, in a committed relationship or single. Married people are in such denial when it comes to safe sex. Everyone who is active needs to be tested regularly. So with that being said a great at home test is OraQuick, an in home HIV test. You get results in twenty minutes and the test is done via an oral swab. It is the same test used by Healthcare Professionals. For more information visit www.OraQuick.com or call 1.866.436.6527.

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