~ Celebrate December ~
~ Celebrate December ~

Celebrate December with all that you have! That’s right celebrate everything and everyone who brought you JOY in 2013. We all have something worthy of celebration no matter how big or small.

I am thirty two days in on my four hundred and twenty six day journey and it is bringing me JOY. JOY beyond belief. I am accomplishing things I never imagined and things I did not even know I needed to accomplish! {Smile} When I set out on this fourteen month journey on November 1st I was expecting a ramp up period to achieve my goals. Obviously, someone else laughed at my plan and starting giving me achievements STAT and I am SO grateful.

Some times when you have a huge vision you feel overwhelmed and create your own obstacles. That has often been the case with me this last few years however this time nothing and no one is quieting the burning in my soul for achievement of my dreams which have been transformed into goals. Sure, I have had some obstacles. Some back biting from some 2.0’s. Some messy bloggers. Some users who showed up earlier than I expected who tried to use me already and yes the list goes on. However, like my old times, before I lost myself in other people’s shadows, I did not allow it to shake me or throw me off course. Yes, what a GREAT feeling. I am SO grateful for reclaimed strength. No way were they going to interrupt nor intercept my plan(s) with foolery. Although I have to laugh because one almost got me Thanksgiving night however I caught myself and now my attorney is dealing with it. Now some of “them” tried multiple times on multiple days and multiple ways however that is their Karma and my response will be my Karma. I even thank each of “them” for trying me. (Yes, they are probably reading this) Yes, I do THANK them because I showed you and most importantly me that you are a none factor. In the words of Trinidad James ~ Don’t Believe MeJust Watch.

So I Celebrate December and all things worthy of being celebrated. Most importantly I am grateful for how far I have come in these thirty two days! Celebrate December also. Loving it…

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