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Remodeling your home versus moving can be the perfect option for many people. You may already own your home or you may just love the neighborhood and moving is not an option. Either way home remodeling should not be out of question because something first attracted you to your home. You can capture the magic feeling again in a brand new updated vision. The options for remodeling are endless and add value to your home. The question is how much value and the answer always depends on a few things. Let’s discuss options you should consider.

What Is Your New Vision

– Consider your vision of what you wish to create and ask yourself these questions.
– What is your new vision?
– What is making you want to remodel?
– What have you seen that want to create or recreate?
– How functional do you want it to be?
– Do you need more hidden storage?
– Will this be a DIY project or will you need a contractor?
– Do you need a project manager?

The questions are endless yet very important so that you achieve the result you need, want and desire.

What Needs Updating

After answering those questions, you should consider updating your kitchen and bathrooms. These are the two biggest remodeling projects that add value to your home. An updated kitchen and bathrooms are priceless. How much should you update them depends on your needs and how much longer you will be staying there. The one thing I learned after eight years of watching Love It or List It is only invest big money if you plan on staying there for a very long time. Otherwise invest enough to make it comfortable and marketable versus personal so you can list it, sell it and move on.

Be mindful of what remodeling projects add value to you home in general. Some are very simple and less complicated than a kitchen or bathroom remodel. Here is a list of the top six ideas which can create a return on the investment:

– Add steel doors and storms doors to entry ways for the home.
– Finish the basement and add a bathroom.
– Replace those windows. The better insulation will also help you save on heating and air cost.
– Replace or upgrade your garage door or even close in your carport.
– Consider converting part of your attic into living space with a bedroom and bathroom.
– Add a deck and some awesome landscaping and create the perfect outdoor living space.

These six ideas can add more value your home. A general rule of thumb is anything which creates more livable square footage increases your home value. Bedrooms and bathrooms are two additions that do just this.

Where to Look for Inspiration

Finding inspiration for remodeling can come from many sources. Sources I have received inspiration from are home tours, open houses, home magazines, home improvement shows, and home improvement stores. Some of my favorite television shows for ideas are Love It or List It, Flip or Flop, Property Brother, HGTV, Curb Appeal and Design on a Dime. These television shows have brought me home improvement inspiration. Some of my favorite magazines for home improvement inspiration have been Remodeling and Makeover, HOME, Renovation Style Magazine and a few local ones. All the above reference publications and televisions shows have personally inspired me in some form.

Photo Credit | Hanwha Surface

How Hanwha Surface Inspires

Hanwha Surfaces should be considered for a source of inspiration when it comes to your kitchen and bathroom counter tops. Their quality is some of the finest in the industry and their inspiration gallery helps you to create the perfect look for you. The collections include over 70 designs including quartz and solid. The Design Center and Inspiration Gallery assist you with narrowing down your desires. Hanwha Surfaces is part of the Hanwha Living & Creative family which is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Established in 1952, their reported revenue is over $22 billion.

Founded by Chong-Hee Kim and headed up by Chairman and CEO Seung Youn Kim their reported overall revenue from their multi-profile business was $53.09 billion in 2015. There are nine dealers in the Metro Atlanta area and one distributor. They have locations in Austell, Atlanta, Decatur and Smyrna.  

How will you make a power remolding statement with Hanwha? I can think of many creative ways and looks.

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