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Georgia law requires some navigating as with any other state however there is an assurance which comes with truly practicing and understanding good ole southern law whether it is family law, general law or criminal law.

Selecting A Good Attorney

Selecting a good attorney for your legal needs is imperative. There many things to consider to ensure you get the best attorney for your needs. Determining the type of attorney you will need is important so you may want to consider a specialty attorney or at least an attorney who has experience with your circumstances. Determine what kind of matter you have – family, civil, criminal, business or general matter? For a more comprehensive search I suggest the following:

– Contact your local bar association for qualified candidates.
– Take into account online reviews of said attorneys.
– Check reviews of the attorneys with the Better Business Bureau, the local Bar Association, Rocketlawyer, LawHelp and Avvo.  
– Google them and check out their website so you have a good idea of who they are.
– Ask family and friends who they would recommend.
– Set up a consultation of the top three choices and be sure to ask the right questions regarding pricing, success, misconduct, availability, communication and delivery are some of the areas your questions should be about.

Make sure to do the above in your initial search before a retainer (fee to secure services) is paid. This will ensure you have done extensive research to the best of your ability before hiring an attorney.

Family Law

Family law requires the right attorney who will treat you and your best interest like family and make sure you come out a winner. Think Daddy Pope from the popular television show Scandal. You want this type of devotion and dedication from your attorney. Often family law comes into play when something has gone terribly wrong such as a divorce, child abuse or worst and this is when you need a strong and experienced attorney who has handled these matters repeatedly. Family law also includes good experiences such as adoption, marriages, surrogacy, etc.  You will want a champion of success on your side for these journeys as well. Family law is pretty inclusive of legal family matters and domestic relations involving marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships; adoption and surrogacy.

Criminal Law

Criminal Law is a whole different speciality which is based on freedom. Whether you are the Plaintiff or Defendant you want an attorney with a proven track record of success based on your particular case type. I think Wikipedia describes it best as “Criminal law is the body of law that relates to crime. It regulates social conduct and proscribes whatever is threatening, harmful, or otherwise endangering to the property, health, safety, and moral welfare of people. It includes the punishment of people who violate these laws. Criminal law varies according to jurisdiction, and differs from civil law, where emphasis is more on dispute resolution and victim compensation than on punishment.”

Now considering this definition and the fact of realities which you may have seen in the media you should definitely do your homework and look at their success rate as a factor when hiring a criminal attorney.  Besides the possibility of a permanent criminal record and possible jail time, you truly need to do extensive research before hiring an attorney for a criminal law matter. Know your best case scenario as well as your worst case scenario so there is a level of full disclosure as to what maybe be the outcome.

General Law

General Law is the basic practice of law which has no a law that is unrestricted regarding time and  is applicable throughout the entire territory subject to the power of the legislature. This is also known as general act, general statute. The attorney does not limit his or herself in what law they practice.

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The Sellers Law Firm

The Sellers Law Firm based in Griffin, Georgia is a seasoned law firm practicing in a variety of specialities. Attorney Jody L. Sellers has a proven track record throughout the state of Georgia and finished undergraduate school from University of Georgia in 2008 and graduated as a Cum Laude honor graduate from Mercer University, Walter F. George School of Law in 2011. Attorney Sellers is no stranger to success and has achieved awards since his days at Mercer University where he received the Custer-Tuggle Award of Excellence in Family Law from the Georgia Chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (2011): National Trial Lawyers Association Top 100 Georgia Member: National Trial Lawyers Association Top 40 Under 40: Criminal Trial Lawyers Association; Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys: American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys: Global Directory of Who’s Who (Top Lawyer): and Superb Rating on Avvo.com all according to his biography. I am highly impressed because these achievements and awards do not come easy.

Photo Credit | The Sellers Law Firm

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