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With summer creeping around the corner you only have a couple of weeks to turn your backyard into a summertime oasis. You need your backyard to be not only aesthetically pleasing but actually useful as well. Whether it’s cookouts with family and friends or just your average night swim. Here are some considerations for a fun and healthy backyard.

Pool Life

What screams fun in the sun more than a backyard pool? Whether you are a swimmer or a lounger you cannot go wrong with a pool at the hem of a summer gathering. It is truly for all ages and a focal point. A pool is one of the most important elements of turning your backyard into a summertime oasis.  Pool life also presents health benefits as well. Just imagine implementing a water aerobics exercise routine in your above ground pool and indulging whenever you like. The convenience alone is priceless. Water aerobics provides you with a great workout of low impact exercise, greater calorie burn, higher metabolism and increased muscle strength. Water workouts in general are 12 times the resistance as regular air workouts according to published work in “American Fitness” in 1996. Water aerobics have also been proven to relieve stress, improve mental health and increase the chances of you living longer.

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Wet Bar Life

A wet bar is another nice touch to creating a summertime oasis in your backyard. Make sure to clearly define your wet bar with running water, drinks on tap, ice maker, fridge etc…. To truly make it a wet bar versus a dry bar. Yes, a dryer bar is easier to achieve and maintain however a wet bar is classy and more interesting add more value to your home and summertime oasis. Comfortably keep your wet bar fully stock like pro with suggestions from The Guide to a Well-Stocked Wet Bar. I love this list because it is a complete list of everything you should have for the perfect wet bar even  down to the type and number of glasses. Add or subtract to this list according to your desires however use this guide for the key to your wet bar. Consider a liqueur refrigerator and a non liqueur one and balance them out around a grill or fire pit.  Have everything makes sense and let it flows correctly as it does inside your home. The outside does not have to mirror the inside however the flow should be nice and easy outside as well.

Hot Tub Life

Who said hot tubs were not for summertime? Rec Warehouse has the nicest selection of above ground pools, outdoor kitchens, hot tubs and game room accessories here in Georgia. Simply states they are truly your one stop shop. In business for over forty years this family owned company knows all about above ground pools, hot tubs, outdoor kitchens, game rooms and more. The benefits of a hot tub are fun, very healthy and endless because it improves the mood, circulation, encourages relaxation which improves mental health, helps hair and skin through perspiration and improves muscle health through the steam and massage from the jets. The hot tub life can be grand whether you have seating for two, four, six or eight. I am particularly fun of the cup holder options and the extra jets. Go big and spoil yourself as well as your guest. Another fun options is to color coordinate your hot tub with your deck.

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Party Life

Party life should be very entertaining with all the above selections just make sure to invest in an awesome entertainment system complete with music, television and even a drop down movie screen for full enjoyment. The right outdoor furniture selection is a plus to especially when you arrangement in  great room style with a rug, plants, end tables and all party extras that you can do yourself to make it as comfortable as ever. Serve up a dose of summertime fun complete with drinks, finger foods and fun.

A summertime fun backyard is definitely in store with an awesome above ground pool perfectly stock with a full wet bar. Family and friends can indulge in the pool, hot tub and fun times with games and more in the comforts of your best backyard for summertime fun

Rec Warehouse is truly your one stop shop in Georgia for above ground pools, hot tub and game rooms. Stay social with them on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter. Find your closest location here.

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