What a GREAT concept! While looking for a way to embrace I Care Atlanta {ICareAtlanta.org} I came across this website and REALLY love the concept and what they are doing. According to their website here is the history and how it works.

Four friends had an idea to collect gift cards and give them to people in need. They went to a gathering and asked 8 people how much money in unused Gift Cards they had in their wallets and walked away with $50 in Gift Cards to help people in need. Gift Card Giver was born.
Gift Card Giver is a new form of giving. The Gift Card industry has risen to be a 60 billion dollar industry. Ever wonder how many gift cards are unused? Between 10 – 15%. That means billions of dollars are sitting on gift cards, waiting to be used for good.
How many gift cards do you have sitting in your wallet? We guess you have at least $5 of unused gift cards right now. What’s 5 bucks going to buy you? Maybe a pair of socks…but 10 people giving 5 bucks will buy a kid a winter coat, or 1000 people giving $5 may give that same kid a warm bedroom to sleep in through the night.

It is very simple to get involved:
STEP 1: Use as much of your card as you want (or send a full card).
STEP 2: Write how much is left on your card using a permanent marker.
STEP 3: Place the card in an envelope and send it to us at:
Gift Card Giver
PO Box 17920
Atlanta, GA 30316

We collect and distribute the cards to appropriate Non-Profit Organizations that can use those cards to help others. We have never used a card for ourselves and never will. This is a grass roots campaign that has created a new form of giving and you are an important piece to the idea coming to life. On behalf of all the individuals and organizations we give to, thank you for contributing.

I will surely be giving this a try soon! 😉


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