There is a profound message above. Yes, there are four things which can NEVER be recovered.

~ The STONE after it’s THROWN.

Do not be SO delusional as to throw stones at someone or someone’s wood house as you pretend you have room to JUDGE with regard to your glass house. YOUR house is not PERFECT because I can guarantee YOU will quickly discover and have to address challenges within YOUR own house.

~ The WORD after it’s SPOKEN.

Words are POWERFUL. Whatever we speak we MANIFEST. So as a result make sure your tongue does not need healing and you only speak POSITIVE words. If you cannot do that then opt to say nothing at all.

~ The OCCASION after it’s MISSED.

Most occasions only happen once in a lifetime. Ex: The birth of a child, the 40th birthday, a wedding day etc… Yes, there may be other occasions similar to that one yet there will NEVER be that exact occasion again so take the time to be PRESENT for that SPECIAL occasion no matter how big or small it is. After all when all is said and done they will not remember how much money you spent however they will remember you made time to spend.

~ The Time after it’s GONE.

Time is a very PRECIOUS gift. We should not waste it. Once it is gone it is gone FOREVER. We have 12 months or 365 days or 24 hours in our day or 1,440 minutes either way you look at it YOU should make the most of it by just be PRODUCTIVE whether with family, friends, work, hobbies or anything your heart desires.  Just value and respect your time and others because once it is gone it is gone FOREVER.

So, YES there are absolutely four things which can NEVER be recovered to name a few…


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