Chandra of Lucy's Fire
Chandra of Lucy’s Fire
I’ll never forget August 22, 2010 it was a pivotal day in my life. It was a semi cool morning and had been raining earlier I was en route to church going my usual way and jamming to some sweet gospel music. I was on the interstate and exiting a ramp when all of a sudden my car started hydroplaning. Oh my goodness I was terrified!!! It was like a movie stunt, unreal except it was very REAL!! My car was spinning out of control and then it flipped a few times. It seemed as if my car had a mind of its own or was possessed by some evil force or as if someone was tossing my vehicle around. I was crying and horror-struck; I thought I was going to die. All I could do is call on the name of Jesus over and over and over again. Then all of a sudden BAM my car landed upside down and everything ceased. My seat belt was jammed and I was trapped in the automobile until my earthly angels, Stanley Watson, and another young guy crawled into my vehicle and rescued me and safely pulled me out. Numerous people, police officers, and the ambulance were around my car now. I heard faint whispers, “Is she ok? Oh my gosh I thought this was fake or a movie stunt” others were saying. Everyone was in awe that I was alive and that I walked away from a totaled vehicle with just a tiny scratch on my wrist and my toe. I should’ve been dead, in a coma, or suffering with broken bones, or had endless cuts on my face and body etc…but God…ummm but God held back the hands of death and said it ain’t time yet. But God’s tender grace and mercy kept me, but God’s angels of protection shielded me during this incident. When I arrived at the emergency room the doctor looked at me and said “I heard of your accident I was expecting the worst given the information. How are you not severely hurt or unconscious?” I told the doctor “God was with me and He guarded me.” Looking baffled the doctor stated, “I’m writing you a prescription for any pain that may come and then you’re free to go.” Amazing, yes God is always!!! I was a living miracle that day!! That’s why I love my Father so much because He’s crazy faithful!! I am ever so thankful for God’s grace and mercy I’m still here, alive and well today!! Hallelujah!!!

#Reminder: You never know when it’s your last second on earth. Additionally, life is too short so let go of past hurts, unforgiveness and anger. Live, love, and laugh!!

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  1. Heeeeeyyy my beautiful sis. This was an awesome reading. I really enjoyed it. it wasn’t your time because God has some great things in store for you. I’m so glad you are here because if you weren’t I don’t how I would have made it. I was in some tough situations but God used you to help me get through those situations. Your prayers and encouraging text msgs were much needed and so very helpful. Thank you for being obedient to the Word of God. I so can’t wait for this phenomenal book to come out. Im excited to get a copy. Love you and keep doing what you’re doing. May God keep you and continue to bless and show his favor upon your life in Jesus name. <3

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