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I really enjoy the Southern Girl Blog Community! It is organized, not cliques, always feeding the blogging soul and more. The latest gift is a Friday Link Up. There is run a little different than most and I LOVE THAT. Here is a little blurb. I have six link posts numbers 59 to 64 on there for this week and would appreciate your comment love on those posts. Here is Southern Girl Blog Link Up Welcome…

Welcome to the 1st of many weeks of That’s Fresh Friday’s presented to you by myself and the wonderful blogging community, Southern Girl Blog Community!

If you haven’t heard of Southern Girl Blog Community, it’s an amazing community of Southern Bloggers from all over the Southern area that came together to connect, share and inspire each other through blogging and building connections.

If you haven’t stopped by, make sure to hop over and connect with some of these wonderful ladies, you know Southerners love to chat!

Now on to the link up. I am so excited to start this link up this week! If you don’t understand what That’s Fresh Friday is, well it’s a link up where you can share anything that your heart desires, we love it all!

Please visit the site at

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