This has to be my favorite blog find from over the holidays. Author Ferly Tangonan of Southern California touches all the unique areas I enjoy such as organizing, technology, family, parenting, self-discovery and more. I literally laid on her blog for countless hours after reading entry after entry without ever losing interest. To top it off the blog is very spiritual based without going overboard.

Ferly truly lets us into her world and keeps it very useful and interesting. The pleasure for me in her blog was that she was giving me something I could use versus something I could not. She did not brag blog on countless post about her “fairytale life” or things that would not be useful. She shares true insight and I will be sure to add her to my list of daily reads. PLEASE go to and become enlightened.

Again, I just LOVE this blog! I want to be something like her when grow up. Lol…

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