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“I was told I wouldn’t live past 30, I would be disabled my whole life and I would never become a mother,” T-Boz, a member of one of the most successful girl groups ever, told CNN. “My daughter is Chase. She’s 12. I’ve traveled the world in one of the best groups ever. I’m 42.”

Secretly wondering where Tionne Watkins, aka T-Boz, has been in recent years? Well, wonder no more. In a very open and candid interview with CNN she revealed it all. She has been in healing from brain tumor surgery.  As I watched the interview my heart sincerely went out to her. As many of us know she has had health challenges all of her life mostly stemming from sickle cell anemia, a common health challenge in the African American community. Yet five years ago she was quietly diagnosed with a brain tumor.  The brain tumor surgery left her partially blind and deaf. However, T-Boz said no once again to her health challenges and began an awesome fight. This fight is being chronicled through her reality show “Totally T-Boz” featured on the TLC. I missed the premiere episode which aired on January 1st however I will be sure to catch the next few.

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