Hot fairly new website load with GREAT deals and finds for men & women. I personally adore this website. I have been a client for almost three years. They ALWAYS kept me update to date with the latest beauty products. These are the reasons I loved them the most in 2012!

1. Birchbox is a young company with big dreams.

2. They began as an idea between two friends three years ago.

3. They launched Birchbox Man in March 2012 (which meant no more jealous son or Sweetie for me! Lol).

4. They created our first-ever custom nail polish collection with Zoya and select bloggers, and crowd sourced the colors with the help of our Facebook fans.

5. They expanded to Europe through the acquisition of JolieBox in September 2012.
6. They debuted their first Birchbox Look Book which is a mini magazine featuring 10 of the season’s top trends.
7. They gave back by partnering with Pencils of Promise to build a school in rural Guatemala, and by donating to The Art of Elysium, a non-profit dedicated to hospital-based youth arts programs.

8. They spoiled me rotten on a budget! Lol…

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