“It Is What It Is…”

You know sometimes you go through a storm and it is NOT about YOU at all but for you to be able to share the TESTimony with someone else to HELP them.

To DELIVER them from their state of struggle, generational curses, hatred, misdirected anger etc… They will see your strength and the manner in which you weathered the storm as confirmation of knowing if God can take you through HE will surely deliver them too!!!! I sincerely pray without ceasing for those who have hurt me & scandalized my name.
For HOW can I say I LOVE God with hatred in my heart? I hate no one and truly learned to accept their apology even though they may NEVER be man or woman enough to issue one! WHY? THE APOLOGY  is NOT for them. It is for ME & Mine. I pray God {or whoever you believe in} heals every hurting person because hurt people, hurt other people especially when they do not even know they are hurt themselves through generational curses, delusion, upbringing, painful past etc…
You may NEVER know my TRUE story, however I give GOD all the GLORY and YES misery loves company SO focus daily on NOT allowing the behavior of others to destroy your inner peace as well as focusing on ~  (Psalm 119:37, NIV)  “Turn my eyes away from worthless things; preserve my life according to your word.” Things & people which have proven to be worthless are no longer on my agenda directly or indirectly…

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