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Car shopping can be rough. Whew! I have had some major challenges shopping for my cars and most it was the sales person and there half truths told or the finance guys trying to rob me blind. Either way I knew there had to be an easier way so I searched until I found it. Yes, I said it and put it out there. I was spoiled by my Daddy purchasing all of my vehicles until I turned the big 4-0. He had told me he would buy all my cars until I got married and when I had not married by forty he renegotiated the deal. (smile) I am not mad at him. He had to clip the strings sooner or later and I am grateful he was able to do that for me.

Next chapter. I went to purchase my first vehicle on my own and that was big mistake. I felt like I was fresh meat walking to a piping hot grill. Yes, they grilled me well done and burnt me beyond belief. My next go round was through an auction and all though it was a much better experience than the first time I still was left with warranty challenges etc.. So when I heard about www.Cars.com I had to take a look and I honestly like the experience. What is good about it?

~ I love shopping from the comfort of my home, laptop and phone.

~ They truly have everything in stock because they allow you to select the distance of your choosing.

~ The search options appear to be very detail.

~ They have awesome review.

I will definitely strongly consider them for my next vehicle search which will be by the end of the year.

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